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The EIFE the O2 & What To Do About My Newly Added Hydrogen & Oxygen To My Car's Fuel Injection System. (updated 6/09)

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New "Dynamic Soft Flashes" may be simple solution to getting your new hydrogen cell to not upset your cars ECM's 2 to 6 sensors, that tell your engine to flood it with gas, due to a cooler engine temp. with hydroxy gas added to your air intake, cooler air intake and too clean for the O2 sensor. All these sensor sends voltage signals to your cars ECM, the FS1 above sets thresholds to stop this extra fuel adding and works with Hydrogen boosters. We need more people to test these new circuits, in unison with a good running 1.2 - 2.5 lpm hydrogen generator under the hood. Also the "Dynamic Soft Flash is LEGAL . Your not tampering at all with your emission system, your just adding an enhancement to run your car leaner and greener. Better MPG savings, all in all and clean emission to boot! Click on the photo above to learn more.

This information is NOT for consumers, only for mechanics, engineers, experimenters, etc. It is all on a experimental basis and Hydrogen Garage can NOT be responsible for your experimental actions. Also know that the law is in the hands of the driver.) Terms & Conditions of Hydrogen Garage LLC.

Go Green! Drive Lean! ?

This page of information is for the guy who has installed a hydrogen booster cell
(a cell producing at least 1.2 - 2.5 liters of egas per minute.) and your first gas mileage test resulted in a quite impressive gas savings. Then the next gas tank test, it goes back to the normal setting or sometimes worst gas mileage. What's with that! Kinda of pisses you off, after all the damn work you did installing, reading about hydrogen cells, etc, money spent and NO MPG savings, what gives? Well what happened. Well don't give up, some give up here, but don't read on! Patience my friend, patience.

What has happened? Your exhaust is now clean. The added hydroxy gas or egas (electrical gas) will break the long molecular hydrogen carbons and carbon and tear them apart, completing the burn, resulting in a clean exhaust emission, your engine will run a degree or 2 cooler, because all the gas was burned up and you don't have burning fuel going out your exhaust pipe to the catalytic converter. 50-90% cleaner! So your exhaust manifold even though it had more combustion power your exhaust manifold will be coller by one or 2 degrees, enough to trigger te CIT and AIT that your engine needs more fule to get back to real heat of 14.7/1 A to R ratio.

We have come to a conclusion that your O2 sensor in your exhaust stream flow is nothing more than a glorified "thermocouple" and not a Oxygen sensor, sniffing oxygen like it is falsely called. They say it sniffs oxygen, but every mechanic I have talked to, say it is just a heat sensor ? Well the CIT and AIT sense heat? Don't they, not oxygen content.

Your O2 sensor senses heat, if your exhaust is not hot enough, it tells the engine to flood it with more gas to get it hot again. Your newly added HO booster completes the burn and your exhaust manifold stay s a few degrees cooler, No un burned fuel is still heating up running down your exhaust manifold and exhaust pipe. Your engine was designed to runs nice and rich and hot at 14.7/1 air to fuel ratio. Stoichiometric they call it. t will burn it one more time in your catalytic converter, to try and hide the too rich mixture. A total redundant and energy wasting system, designed by the oil corps to sell you more gas & to save their buts if your engine breaks down during the warranty peroid. The major car manufacturing plants are owned by oil corp executives (World Bank owns Exxon Mobil) or at least 60% of the stock anywise, so they pull the strings of this ill sounding harp. Hard to believe but true. Since 1932 there has been over 250 patents on carb. or fuel injection systems that claim 150-250 MPG! 90% of these designs heat the fuel up past cracking temps of 350º and then run it with hot air in a long hot labyrinth before letting out the 10x's more combystion powerful from super heated gasline vapor and hot air, but ZERO are being manufactured today!
Meanwhile we are still cooking acorn burritos inside a cave, when it comes to the money hungry energy dept.

Hydroxy gas and your ECM will conflict with each other. So, in most cases, (85% of the time) you have to add what is called an EFIE to your O2 sensors and a MAP/MAF adjuster circuit to your "Manifold Air Pressure" and or "Mass Air FLow" your either has one or the other, or both. Sorry all the cars are different, even from the same manufacture you will find different ways to manage your engine. Now most mechanics are taught, that this is to protect the engine from failure, all these sensors and to keep your car running smoothly and hassle free for years and years of driving. The 14.7/1 air/fuel ratio is to the normal burn and anything leaner (18/1) will burn holes in your rings and burn up values. THis info, is not true, you can run your engine lean, if you add a good dosage of hydroxy gas. You can trick the engine and have it run better! You just add a few volts to the sensors signals to have it run slightly leaner and fake the ECM that your engine is nice and hot, when actually it is running a few degrees cooler.

I am going to put all I know out for you as simple as possible with my experience of 7years, of adding hydrogen cells to my car, truck, friend's & customers and talks on the forums, conversations to customers, working with other hydrogen booster people.,etc. I'm really glad to be about of the wave of experimenters trying to save the planet with cleaner emissions and saving themselves money at the pumps and also learning about using water as a fuel and implementing the wonderful Brown's Gas (ortho-hydrogen - the best gas on the planet (Bro. Andrew - owner of HG Garage)

If you have a carbureted vehicle, or a diesel engine, your in luck, you don't have to do anything. Most diesel engines ('07 & older) and carb. engines have NO oxygen or O2 sensors in their exhaust stream. Therefore there is no combat of energy, the added H & O gas is beneficial and acts like a catalyst to the fuel burn, actually burns out all carbon, breaks the long chain of hydrocarbons and carbon and gives you more horsepower. It works BETTER! with a lean burning engine. Some carbureted cars have added smaller jets in there carbs, to go along with a good 2- 3 liter per minute cell of egas, you can easily retard your timing a degree or 2 and push lighter on the gas pedal.

Our cars air/fuel ratio used to be run by a carburetor. Around 1980 the Car Manufactures owned by the stock from the Oil Corps/bank wealth, decided they wanted more profit for themselves & also have the Gov. make alot of money as well in the form of a gas tax, so they came up with the Engine Control Management system. This means that, they control the air/fuel ratio. Now it is time to control our own cars and fuel ratios and not let the Oil Corps get away with extortionate profits, they don't want to lose 20-50% gains from homemade fuel cells, in which they have no control over. They may try to shut down all the new hydrogen booster businesses out there, but they are growing day by day and is a new un-tapped market of 500 million cars to go. My vision and yours I believe is to see a water based hydrogen fuel cell to be added to every car on the road. Or ditch the gas car and go 100% electric. or a Brown's Gas On board electrolysis car.

If every internal combustion engine had a hydroxy gas generator, then there would be no more SMOG! Period. So take a step forward to a more greener, cleaner future. Amen.

OBD I - Vehicles 1982-1995 ( On Board Diagnostic ) The OBD II came out in 1996 on cars. 2008 cars and trucks still have OBD II computers.

We will tell customers, hook up the cell and drive, don't expect big results at first. Some more modern cars 96 and newer, will slowly get used to the booster and you will slowly experience better mpg. Addition of a Scangauge II on your dash helps in monitoring this change. The Scangauge will help you be a more conscience driver and you will learn your vehicle better, you will be abe to monitor your car's temps, rpms, mpgs, MAP readings and other engine monitoring on the dash as you drive. You can save MPG just by monitoring your effects on the gas pedal.

A hydrogen/oxygen booster cell works WAY BETTER with a lean running engine. An engine in the full gas guzzle mode (open loop, after the check engine light comes on, or if your oxy sensor is not working right.) So you have to try to learn your air/fuel mix some how. When you get your engine running lean and a good working (1-3 liters per minute, producing cell) you will notice the horsepower and the supposedly added 120 octane fuel to your air/fuel mixture coming into your your combustion chamber.

New product : H2O Sytem Enhancer - Invented by a 25 year auto mechicanic/engineer, Carl has manage to come up with a legal electronic system for $160 that covers all the sensors under your hood that tells the ECM to flood it with gasoline.

Listen to this video, all 10 parts, if you want to hear about this
technology. Not a myth or a crime. Hear it from the man who
is ahead of his field, from a recent Hydrogen Show. 2/09

WHERE YOU CAN BUY KOH & NAOH (electrolyte) for the BEST DEAL!

Introducing the H2O Enhancer Electronic circuit that stops all
your ECM sensors from conflicting with your MPG gains with a hydrogen booster installed.

James Robey's Water
Fuel Museum
interviews. Search for
"water fuel" into the
Radio Blog's search box.
Listen while you work
on your computer!


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How do I lean out my fuel/air mix ratio ?

1) After you add a 2 -3 liter hydrogen booster cell and bubbler and hose to your car's air intake. You will be making a known element : hydrogen & oxygen to your nitrogen/oxygen air mix. You will be adding a better air to your fuel/air ratio mix. It will be like adding a 120 octane boost! No #1 New rule, don't start the hydrogen boost till after 5 minutes after the car warms up and changes from open loop to the closed loop mode, after it pings all it's sensors to see that everything is doing fine, then turn on your 2-3 liters of hydroxy gas to your air intake. This way it takes longer for your car to figure out your running lean, green and mean. The O2 exhaust sensors will sense too much oxygen, a lean burn, and will tell the ECM to flood the engine with gas. It wants your engine to go 14.7/1 of even richer to 13/1, the hottest your engine can get, so that it will re-burn the fuel one more time in the catalytic converter. A total redundant polluting system, that needs a make over.

Read all the way down to grasp the way different cars react. I have listed many ways to do this lean, some

1) Add an EFIE. I keep hearing this EFIE ( e-fee) What the hell is that? George Wisemen from Eagle-Research.com coined the phrase " Electronic Fuel Injection Enhancer" He has been selling them since the 1980's. One of his first products, it has now changed a few times to the one that is being sold today. It can help lean your air/fuel ratio to 18:1 He also was taken to court 8 times over this device, from Oil Corps. He won every time and continues to sell his device.

2) Add a Dual O2 Sensor (EFIE) A free to the public circuit now being sold by HG Garage.

3) Add a O2 sensor extended and or spacer/isolator. This is another simple way to lean your fuel by fooling the oxygen sensor to sense no oxygen in the tail pipe. Some don't believe in this method, some say it worked for me, others said it did not. Some say the tin foiling of the outside O2 sensor is easier, if you have that type of O2 sensor that senses the O2 on the outside compared to the O2 on the inside of the pipe.

4) Add a MAP knob to your dashboard. If your vehicle has a MAP (Manifold Air Pressure Sensor) to control your fuel injectors to your ECM. (Buy a Haynes or Clymer manual for your car, about $15-$20 at a local auto parts store, for your year car.) The MAP knob is a usually a 100k potentiometer sliced into your O2's signal wire, it varies the voltage to your MAP and will cause your fuel injector spray with a turn of a knob. You can stall the car with this knob, if you get away with it and no check engine light goes on you conquered your car's air/fuel ratio. It works on Chevy and Ford cars and trucks, Dodge it does not seem to work. Toyota;s have MAF's so try the legal step 1 and 2 above.

5) Add a Scangauge II to your dash and try disconnecting your o2 sensors and then clear the O2 sensor code with your Scangauge. Then override your fuel injectors by adding a MAP potentiometer on the dash and lean your fuel up to 100?1 if you like. It will go past the 18/1 of the EFIE can only do. This method only works on some cars, Dodge is not one of them.

6) Hack your ECM and change the Open Loop Mode to run lean. To learn all about this just google " ECM+hack" and it opens up a large source of information. Beware hacking into your ECM is against the law in most states, I don't recommend it, but I will mention that some have found this method to work. Who will know if you did this type of work or not? Mechanics and professional auto repair shops, can get big fines if they are caught doing so. You and your private garage is up to you and the responsibility is in the hand of the driver.

7) Buy a "H2 Systems Enhancer" was designed to properly introduce hydroxy gas into a vehicles engine at the most appropriate time. The H2 Systems Enhancer will maintain factory sensor settings until the Enhancer delay times out. It has adjustable trimmer pots. for "Air Intake Temps" (I.A.T.) and"Coolant Temp. Sensors" ( C.T.S.) A one time initial adjustment. ( Not available, but soon, 4/09 ) It also has 2 add on accessory loops for a dual EFIE and built in looped MAP adjust port. (MAP adjuster and Dual EFIE) $35.00) not included, must buy separate. ) To tune the board, you will need a Scan Tool, such as a Scangauge II ($160.00) for 96' and newer cars & trucks. It has 3 LED lights that tell you : 1) "green" it is active, 2) "amber" - delay, 3) "red" - power Comes with complete down-loadable instructions, that you can download after you place your order. PRICE: $180.00

Are these practices Illegal ? No, we re experimenting on our own property. We are not touching our cars's ECM or catalytic converter, we are only adding enhancing circuits. If you want a cleaner running Engine and save anywhere from 120 to 50% better mileage, then you will probably have to do an illegal move here. Some laws are enforced and others or not. One example is taking drugs, taking drugs is legal unless you have a Doctor's prescription. Does that stop people from taking them or smoking them? Drinking and driving is illegal and dangerous, but how many drive home intoxicated anyway's after a good time out. Hydroxy egas is a dangerous powerful gas & also the vapor of gasoline or diesel, they all are highly explosive gases. Why not outlaw both hydrogen and gasoline & diesel and go full safe mode, GO all electric. Wireless electric cars like Tesla invented and perfected back in 1930.

Write your congressman and representatives to change this law, that is NOT written in stone by the Oil Corps and World Banks, highly paid lobbyists. America is owned by the people for the people, not by the IMF & World Bank who own most of the stock of the Oil Corps and sit on their board of directors. America was founded on Godly Principals from the heart of the golden rule "Do unto others as they due unto you."

Also we at HG garage like to pulse the DC with a simple square wave pulse and a 2-3 volt between the plates cell so we can make the magic Brown's Gas or Ortho-hydrogen. Ortho hydrogen that CANNOT be stored in tanks, must be burned as you make it. Called : "On Board Electrolysis. ( Yull Brown, discovered this 2 volt system with a pulsed square wave current and a frequency dial.) Why magic, because it is 2.4x's more powerful than the hydrogen in the tanks and has implosive properties as well explosive properties, in which makes it a safer gas to use. Instead of blowing up, it sucks back and the flame goes out, not all the time, but I have witnessed this before. An electrical gas not a flame gas that is measured by BTU's. Also another magical thing about Brown's Gas (not brown colored at all, but clear with a blue tint) if you put nuclear water in a Brown's Gas incinerator the nuclear waste would be neutralized back to an inert material. You can buy a DVD video from eagle-research.com about ole Yull, only $30. Yull demonstrated his torch an cell. The hydrogen from hydrogen stations or the guys with solar panels on their roofs and they make the H gas at home or there own factory are compressing para-hydrogen (hydrogen cells that separate the 2 gases made from electrolysis, they vent the oxygen someplace else into there homes for better breathing air in you home.) (Like in Vegas they pump oxygen into the casinos to keep the gamblers awake, till early hours into the morning.) What is difference between para and ortho hydrogen? Para hydrogen, the kind of hydrogen that can be compressed into a liquid, the molecules are magnetically apposed to each other, meaning they want to escape and get away from each other. As Ortho-hydrogen the molecules are magnetically attracted to each other, the molecules with stick with oxygen, hydrogen, nitrogen and other gases, so if you build up pressure in your cell it has more power. Get it up to 25 .lbs then start your engine it will run for a short while on this gas alone. Watch out though, some cells will ignite at higher pressure, even 15 lbs then you cell may blow up. Don't try this at home, rather try it out doors. THe reason for the higher power is due to the clustering of the molecules. Peter Lowerie, followed Archie Blue's cell design of 3 cells, the gas would go from one to the next , then to the next cell, every time increasing the size of the hose , finally a 1" fat hose to the engines intake to a Impco type propane carburetor. He said after the 3 cells of gathering of gases by the time it hits the combustion chamber it is really powerful. 2.4x' more powerful than regular hydrogen gas.

Please go here for even more valuable information from my friend Fran at Hydrogen-Boost.com

Looking for some Good Men to Drive Lean & Mean. If you know of any, be sure to let us know. We can't help it , we want to try and make it a clean planet is all, you know for all the poor kids who have to live on. What is so un-lawful about this unruly business?
Why all the green faces?

Sorry for the un-controllable humor. I laughed so hard when I made this, I hope you will too. I pray people will get off the coach and install a booster in your car, if everybody did, there would be no more smog. Leaving a clean planet for the kids in our lives.

Othro Hydrogen the only way to go!
The BEST eGas on the planet!
Remember Brown's gas is NOT from eating too much of Hoss's ranch style beans, it is from water. Not LG gas.
The gas is clear not brown. Yull Brown experimented and found & claim that ortho hydrogen is 2.4 x's more powerful than" tank/hydrogen" The compressed hydrogen we use from tanks is different than the combo of hydrogen & oxygen in a atomic state. "eGas" stands for "electrolysis gas" from H2O
The same H2O we drink and breathe. Just taking the carbon out of the equation.

Now we gave you the information, please don't hold us to it. Read our terms and condition link below
before starting any of the suggestions stated on this page. Read and read again, and respect the hydrogen.
Safety first. U betcha! Ride em' lean cowboy! (update : 7/09)

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