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Hydrogen Garage is just what it says : "a garage operation". Garage to Garage. An online business selling parts to make home made hydrogen cells, parts, circuits, etc. for the home mechanic/technical /experimenter.

Hydrogen Trucker on the other hand is tested proven cell systems. Proven dyno tests, computer engine tuning software, Every trucker box install gets at least 10% savings across the board. No more experimenting with HHO cell systems.

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Hydrogen Garage should be a giant factory, but it is not. The bankers and the Oil Corps do not want the public to know about the power that water has for humanity! We do NOT sell consumer products, only parts for the genius in you. A simple add onto your existing vehicle and or gas powered generator. Might as well sell something that helps clean our car's emission, save MPG and clean up your engine and create more horsepower and help stop Global Warming from too much carbon monoxide poisoning. Way better product that some of the stuff that people can sell online today. The more the exposure of "on board electrolysis" the better. Your alternator is spinning for nothing half the time, might as well use up that wasted energy of a free turning alternator.

To able to sell to you, you have to agree to Hydrogen Garage LLC Terms and Conditions page, the only way to stop law suits against HG. Please read our Mission Statement.

Located on the Central Coast of California • USA

Hydrogen Garage
97 Ash Ave.#554
Cayucos, CA 93430 • USA

Hydrogen Trucker


Call (805)995-4809 PST. Phone hours 9am - 5 pm M-F.
Sometimes we are too busy to answer and you may have to leave a message.
Thank you for you inetrest in Hydrogen Garage. We do have a FAQ (frequently asked questions) page. You might find your answer to your questions right away. Our contact form is answered daily, within 24 hours.

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Water as a fuel



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