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Yahoo Water Car Groups
You can learn alot at these group/forums.
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Sorry alot of links here are outdated. No time to correct,
but the name is there and you can gooogle the name to find the updated links.

Hydroxy GroupWaterCarTwoWater Car GroupRadiant Energy

Waterfuel1978CamaroWaterFuel Cell Research GroupOUPower

Joe Cell GroupFrench Water Car GroupGerman D18 Cell Group

BlogTalk Radio Water Car Muesum Water for Fuel Blog


Watch out alot of HHO cell kits for sale, that don't work well. Learn here.

Hydrogen Garage Store • Hydrogen Gas Saving Kits


Check out what's
happening in DC.

(Egaspower yahoo group was mysteriously shutdown around 3-25-06)
The website also got hijacked. Such a shame.
Hopefully it will come back online in the future, meanwhile the
wonderful flame keeps burning!!! Amen.

A real beauty? , , aye? Who cares what she looks like as long as the fuel is free!!

Angel's Nest (Goodbye Gasoline, Hello Hydrogen)Hydrogen Commerce

Water Fueled MotorBike Commute Faster

Hydrogen-Boost Kits for cars, diesel trucks, etc.
(buy a hydrogen booster right now)

The International Association of Electrolyzer Builders

BMW's Water Hydrogen CarsSave FuelGEETWater Fuel Museum

Brown's Gas (Water as Fuel) • Run your car on tap water plans

New Joe Cell Replica made and tried, but threatened (4-15-06)

Other Links

Kids for Hydrogen (A 15 year old tells it like it is.)

How to build an onboard welder in your truck.

Convertible crusier that halls ass! All from water as a fuel! No gas! Fuel as is free!

The Art of Mark BryanRe Open

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Hydrogen Garage LLC • California • USA
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Have a healing water
foundation in your
own hom


Excellant talks on water
as a fuel & other technolgies that you can get into! Listen in the background, while you work, thanks to James Robey.


Free Energy Devices


Man trying to find a cure for cancer finds he can ignite salt water with radio frequency waves.

See Salt Water Burn
Right Now!


History of New Energy Invention Suppression Cases


P.A.C.E. net
The Planetary Association for Clean Energy, Inc.