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Awareness of water as a fuel, shocks you at first, hard to believe. Then you read more and more on the subject, you start to become aware. Then you educate yourself by reading more and more. After a while you think, wow, I could probably make a hydrogen fuel cell generator myself. You have to learn to respect the hydrogen/oxygen gas, it is almost colorless and no fumes or smell, it is explosive. You learn the safety and bewares, then you apply what you learned in your own garage.The application becomes reality. Finally you pat yourself on the back. You did it yourself, or with the help of family and friends. Congratulations.

Is water is an inconvenient fuel? According to our U.S. D.O.E. it is. The technology of using water as a fuel to run a car has been invented many times already. The inventor is usually bought out and the project is shelved. The present DOE (US Dept. of Energy) will not allow it saying it would ruin the US & world economy, if this was let out over night. The gradual turn over to water as a fuel and or electric cars will eventually take over, but will have to be a slow turn over. Today the pressure is on, the price of gasoline is too high. All of us gas consumers are complaining. The Global warming is due to green house gases from too much carbon (SMOG) and solar flare activity that is effecting all planets in our solar system, we are going into the center of the galactic alignment of the Milky Way, nothing we can do about. that come mostly from gasoline, diesel & jet fuel emissions. Burning of the rainforests does not help either.

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"It no longer makes sense for us to debate whether or not the earth is warming at an alarming rate, and it doesn't make sense for us to sit back and wait for others to act. The fate of the planet that our children and grandchildren will inherit is in our hands, and it our responsibility to do something about this crisis." — William J. Clinton

Since it is illegal to run your car on water, ( no road tax, can be collected, therefore it is illegal to drive a water powered car on the US Hwys) you can make your own hydrogen cell in your garage. They will help you save 10% up to 60% at the gas pumps. Splitting water into a perfect clean burning mix of egas. Hydrogen/Oxygen gas from electrolysis, with stainless steel electrodes submerged in water, electrified with a square wave pulsed and dialed in frequency, 12 volts, from your car's battery adding a an extra boost of hydrogen/oxygen gas to the existing gasoline, helps complete the burn and acts like a catalyst to the fuel. A Hydrogen booster cleans your emissions better than a catalytic converter. If every car, truck, airplane, jet, train had a hydrogenbooster hooked up to all ICE gasoline or diesel engines, we would not have a SMOG problem at all. CO2 emissions would go way down.

Read about the Pogue Carburetor invented in 1930 by Charles Pogue, the 250 MPG carb. that was never manufactured. Ford wanted to use this carb, after WWII, but was not allowed to. Read about it here : "Agents of Suppression"

Hydrogen Garage is on a mission of peace, to spread the gospel of love, a calm life and a clean living planet. On a mission from God? You would think so. Helping further along the Hydrogen Future with an inconvenient fuel from WATER. An inconvenient truth to change from the burning of polluting fossil fuels and switch to clean burning hydrogen and electric transportation. At this time April 2007, you CAN NOT legally drive a 100% water as fuel car on the US hwy's, due to you would not be funding the Government. The Government gets about .50 cents per gallon of gasoline purchased. With water as an Inconvenient fuel, running your car, they get nothing and could bankrupt the government economy. The escalating war is the worst debt monger ever, but they continue with that effort to seek peace. 80% of US citizens seem to disagree. Meanwhile our US army is over there and not here, where it should be protecting. Defense instead of Offense. The energy market of oil also funds the guns, the rockets, the bombs and the ammunition of the terrorists & extremists in the Middle East. Buying Oil funds the terrorists and extremists.

Hydrogen Garage LLC is taking a brave step forward, towards the expansion of knowledge in a field dominated by garage enthusiasts, rallying together in a constructive collaboration, via the Internet & Yahoo and private forums and blogs. Together we can. All Government grants towards the research of hydrogen future seems to be all for hydrogen gas stations, run again by energy corporations. Energy Corporations in collaboration with the present Republican Guard.

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