Electrolyte for Hydrogen Generators
( A very clean but explosive hydrogen/oxygen gas made from electricity.)

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Electrolyte for Electrolysis use KOH or NaOH
( 2 lbs. for KOH • 2 lbs. of NaOH and FREE HARZARDOUS SHIPPING $20)

The only electrolyte recommended for Hydrogen Generators

Sodium Hydroxide ( NaOH) and Potassium Hydroxide ( KOH) is best.

KOH and NaOH They are both alkaline bases. They allow the current to flow.
The more electrolyte the more current flow, the more amperage in your cell.

Cautions about KOH and NaOH, they both will burn your skin.
They both can make you go blind if you splash some in your eyes.
Always wear eye protection & gloves, wash immediately with water if you skin,
if you get it on your hands.

A spray bottle full of vinegar will help neutralize the burning feeling on your skin.
Also will help neutralize any surface that the electrolyte solution has spilled onto.

These are the only 2 electrolytes that do not gas off and remain in your cell.
(unless your boiling water in your cell, then the KOH or NaOH will gas off, those who make steaming
bethmouth cells beware.) You only have to fill with water, after the first initial electrolyte/water mix.
KOH gives off a crystal residue, NaOH gives off a white color residue, both can be neutralized with vinegar (an acid).
NaOH is LYE and will corrode aluminum. I personally like to use KOH, less caustic on the hands and the residue is clear crystals.

The Best electrolyte is Baking Soda, Baking Soda is Best?

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