Installing your "Volo FS2-HHO Edition, or FS3 or VP12 Circuit"

Is my car or truck listed? Is my engine ECM mapped with Volo Performance?

Simply follow the paper booklet that came in the Volo circuit box.

Finding the right wiring protocol for your car or truck.

OBD II • Wiring Protocol will vary depending on vehicle manufacturer and year.
This tool allows you to easily identify your vehicle's protocol and
print a wiring diagram for your vehicle.

Locate your OBD-II port and note which pins are populated on a piece of paper,
then come back to this page. Wave your mouse over the numbers below
in the diagram of the OBD II port and click on them.
If the tool fails to launch, make sure you have the latest version of Adobe Flash Player.
This wiring protocol is for the FS2 and FS3 HHO-edition and VP12

If you view a white blank box, refresh your browser to view the OBO II Port Pin Diagram.

Even though the OBD II port plug seems like a great idea. DO NOT USE THEM!
Volo Performance says NOT to use the plugs. The Volo circuits are all permanent installations.
The plugs make it too easy for the customer to un-plug and plug in the volo. Disconnecting the volo
makes the circuit start up all over again and re learn the long term fuel patterns.
It can take up to
200 miles to re learn your ECM.

Volo Install Video Download Volo v7.4+ 2014

Volo FS2 + HHO cell RESULTS & Trouble shooting tips.

Buy a Volo FS2 , FS3 or the VP12 circuit

Find the Volo for my car or truck

"DS2-HHO-Edition" (downloadable .pdf file)

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