What kind of assembly will I have to perform with this kit? You will receive downloadable instructions. (.pdf file) You will need a drill press, drills (up to 1/2") You will drill out a 5/16" hole for the positive connection, 2 holes in the stainless steel lid. A tube of "Marine goop" a tube of JB weld, sodl art Ace Hardware. You will need a sheet of coarse sandpaper, 60/80 grit. 7/16" + 1/2" wrenches. PVC glue. Dish soap and a green scouring pad. 10 gauge auto stranded copper wire, wire connectors or soldering tools. 3/8" ID hose. We sell a bubbler kit. You might consider a "Automatic water level circuit" for long road trips.

Why would I want a Jo-Cellerator?

#1) Cleans out the carbon in your engine, take out the black smoke in diesel engines. Check out the CA. SMOG 2008 emission test results, that show a 70-80% cleaner than normal emissions!! (smogtest1 & smog test 2) #2) Increases gas mileage. It is like adding 120 octane to your fuel. Cleans up your emissions. All you will be doing is adding a better air to your air intake. Just that simple. You installed it, you will feel good about helping the planet survive. One step necessary for mankind. Also the mysterious part of the "Jo Cellerator" is that it is fashioned after the "Joe Cell" a orgone energy device. Just google "Joe Cell" and learn all about it. Science that WE DON"T STUDY at the Universities, why? Left field over unity is why? Tesla stuff, in which leads to "free energy" or better called "low cost energy" No dollar$ for the power. We can't have that, free power, low cost energy? Guess who printed the school text books? The same club. Are we in the dark when it comes to energy, YES!

I want one, I need one. I would like to be involved. I want to be the mechanic of the future. I can't wait for "W" to bring it on, I got to do it myself. Obama we need change! Let's do it now!
This is NOT rocket science, it is really cool!


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