PWM70 with LCD Digital Ammeter Dash Display

PWM70 with LCD Digital Ammeter Dash Display This current limit PWM (pulse width modulator) can handle up to 48 amp continuously, 70 amp. spikes max. Perfect for a 10L to 15L TRUCKER HHO Booster application. We focus on pulsing on the negative side, capturing longitudinal influences, that increases the gas quality into a otho spin state of HHO. We can create a static cling gas that masses with the in coming air and bonds to the hydrogen carbon chain of molecules. We keep improving the PWM's at Hydrogen Garage, this one has two , new power mosfets and mosfet drivers that keeps it cooler and a sharper square wave. The included RF choke and inductor helps create 10% to 15% more HHO Gas. Our goal is to produce the greatest % of the ortho H and O spin state, higher quality HHO Gas, Boyce calls "Hydroxy Gas®" 75% to 99% Ortho hydrogen and oxygen. Choose from a dual cell out put or a single cell out put, below. The PWM has also "current limiting" capabilities. It has freq. adjustment (100hz. to 528Khz) and duty cycle adjustment. Internal fan keeps it running cool. Comes with everything in the photo. (All our PWM's are repairable, we can help you fix the PWM if ever needed. All parts are replaceable. We stock them here. We do not charge much for repair work.)

Choose ONE, TWO or THREE cell out puts. We produce series of 7 plate cells and you may have 1 or 2 or 3 sets of 7 plate cells. The 3 output version can put out the most amps!

Choose from either a 1) single cell out put or a 2) dual cell output, or a 3) 3 way cell output. We use multiples of 7- plate cell blocks. For example we use one 7 plate cell 7x7 for an I4 & V6 engines. V8 engines get 2- 7 plate cell blocks. 3 - 7plate cells for 10 L engines. A 12L gets 4 - cell blocks, a 15L gets 6 cell blocks.

We run approx. 15 to 20amps for a V8 engine, 24 to 28 amps for a 10L, 28 to 36 amps for a 12L, 36 to 48 amps for the 15L engine.

The 12L PWM70 gets a dual output PWM. $25 more (choose in check out) The 15L gets a 3 output PWM70. $50 more (choose in check out)

Features 2 power mosfets, on a heat sink, outside fan, keeps box cool in summer months. Extruded aluminum 1/16" thick walled box. Includes a fan, a hardy PWM that will not burn up. It can handle 24/7. Comes with 10' cable from dash to the cell area. Green LCD display shows amps draw while driving, with a small screwdriver adjustment screw for the "current limit" feature. ON/OFF button, 80amp FUSE and FUSE holder, 80amp Relay, wiring harness. Featuring RF chokes ( 1 choke and one inductor) that create more gas & helps create more higher % of the magnetic/static dry ORTHO hydrogen and oxygen! (sticks to the hydrocarbon chain molecules like glue!) So necessary for consistent gains! A must for diesel engine boosting! No other PWM designer seems to know about higher quality HHO, other than Boyce.
Go listen for yourself.



Box size : 4.5" long x 2.75" wide x 2" tall
Input voltage .................................... +12 to +15 VDC
Max continuous output current ............ 48 Amps
Operating temperature range.............. -25 to +85 *C
Current regulation............................>100:1
Frequency Range (+/- 10%) ............... 100Hz-500KHz
and guaranteed to keep on working, if hooked up correctly.

We can guarantee you a good % of "Ortho" hydrogen from our low voltage cell designs. The main purpose of the PWM in electrolysis is too make this magnetic hydrogen & oxygen, not non magnetic para hydrogen. 100% ortho hydrogen is 4x's more powerful than 100% para hydrogen!! Also with this PWM, you can set the amp draw and it will stay close to what you set it, no matter the electrolyte concentration

All brute force electrolyzers will warm up, even the most efficient ones. At the end of a day current can be easily three times as much as what you started with at the beginning of the day. Without a PWM the problem becomes finding the correct electrolyte concentration for an entire day of driving. If you start out weak then production is very slow to start out with and you lose the benefits until much later in the day. If you start out strong enough to see benefits right away, by the end of the day you're blowing fuses or greatly stressing your alternator.

With a current limited PWM you set your electrolyte for the target operating current at the beginning of the day. To start the output duty cycle is 90%. Half way through the day as the cell is getting warm it may want to draw twice as much current from straight DC. The PWM, sensing that twice as much current is flowing every time it switches on, rolls back the duty cycle to 50%, thus maintaining the same average current. At the end of day when the cell wants to draw three times as much current the PWM is operating at 33% duty cycle.


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