HHO Gas and Hydrogen Injection Studies

Put together by Bob Boyce® 2011& updated

The technology of using hydrogen as a combustion enhancement in internal combustion engines has been researched and proven for many years. The benefits are factual and well documented. Our own utilization of this technology. i.e. the hydrogen injection system, has also been tested and proven both by institutions and in hundreds of practical applications in road vehicles. Here is a synopsis of a sampling of the research that has been done. Click here.

----------updated 1/20/2017 ( historic day in USA!)----------

Engine Combustion Dynamics

Atomic Levels of HHO Gas from WATER

Influences of Bubbles between Electrodes
onto Efficiency of Alkaline Water Electrolysis

The Unique and Unusual Properties of Water

Conversion of Para into Ortho Hydrogen

E-Field of two rough sanded SS plates

Ortho Hydrogen Conversion

O2 Sensor is really a Hydro-Carbon Sensor

HHO Dyno report

Activated Water

Jacob Wall HHO Report

Dyno Testing an HHO math

HHO & Diesel Report

Electrolytic Gas

Dealing with the Vehicle Computer

Patrick Kelly Chapter 10 • Fuel from Water
and Automotive Systems

History of Water Car Inventors

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update 1/20/2017

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